Priced per video – not per user – saving you thousands.

For private corporate accounts, pay a small monthly fee based on the number of videos you upload – not the number of users you have.


2 Videos


15 Videos

$95 /per month

25 Videos

$195 /per month

50 Videos

$295 /per month

75 Videos

$495 /per month

$695 /per month


Company handbook video creation
Create bulleted video presentation of company handbook
Record audio of handbook
Most company handbooks require 4 videos of 5-8 minutes in length. Videos in excess of 4 are an additional $50.

$350 per video

On-site video creationShoot and record managers or employees describing how to use equipment.
Edit video, add captions, upload to company video library
Includes one ChalkBites videographer onsite

$600 per day + travel expenses

Custom subject matter videoSynthesize documents and research into a bulleted video presentation.
Client provides documents to be included in presentation
Client provides final approval of subject matter presentation.

$65 per hour

Upload your own videosClient videos of subject matter
YouTube videos of equipment usage