Short Post-training Quizzes Ensure Accountability

Add questions at the end to verify users learn

Accountability is important so that employees can do their job well and so that companies have a paper trail should legal questions arise. Whether it’s related to OSHA safety training, legal training related to sexual harassment or something as simple as writing an email to a customer.

That’s why ChalkBites assignments are followed by short quizzes. The admin determines the pass rate percentage, but only the user can determine that they will pass.
Even more, if the user fails to pass, the correct answers are not provided. Instead, it’s necessary to re-watch the video or reread the PDF and learn it in order to pass.
Many businesses will hand new employees documentation on sexual harassment and ask them to sign the last page after they have read it. Whether or not the employee learns the information, the signature is presumed to satisfy the requirement of training. Unfortunately, if a sexual harassment situation arises, a simple signature will not be enough. This is the beauty of a tool that not only explains the law, but also provides examples of situations that many might think are not sexual harassment but actually are. ChalkBites is a training tool that doesn’t just provide information, but helps the user learn it.